Attention ASWB Social Workers

Due to recent changes in ASWB's policy regarding cosponsorship, Social Work Today CE's courses may not be accepted.

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New Visitor Info

  1. Browse to the course you like. You will find the current issue of Social Work Today featured on our homepage, or you can view the courses using the navigation link at the top of the page.
  2. On the Selected Courses page, click Go To Payment, and follow the instructions, You’ll first create a member account and then you’ll make your payment.
  3. Take the exam by using the link provided after payment. You can also take the exam later by using the link in your member account.
  4. After the exam, you can print your CE certificate immediately! You can also reprint your certificates at any time by accessing your member account.

Overview — Returning Users

  1. Login to your member account.
  2. Browse to the issue of Social Work Today that you would like to earn credit for.
  3. Select the course and complete the payment. We make it easy for you – just fill in your credit card number and go!
  4. After your payment, you can take the exam immediately.
  5. Print your certificate immediately after the exam, or reprint from your member account.

The Process In Detail

1. Select Your Course

As you read the articles in an issue of Social Work Today magazine circle the correct answers of the exam questions that are printed in the magazine. The exam questions for the magazine issues offering CE credits are also available at this site on each course description detail page. If you don't have the magazine articles, they can be obtained by clicking the link "Obtain Course Material" on each course description detail page. You can also subscribe to Social Work Today Magazine if you would like to earn CE credits with us for the next year.

For non-Social Work Today Magazine courses, books and tapes would have to be purchased if they aren't currently available to you. You may get your course materials (books/tapes) from any resource of your choosing. For your convenience, we have created a link "Obtain Course Material" at the top of the each course description page that will direct you to a resource (usually where the material and its price can be obtained.

You will not be submitting your exam questions with circled answers - it is simply to make it easy for you to enter your exam answers online. It's not required, just helpful.

2. Take the Exam

To take the exam for a course, click the "Take Exam" button on the homepage. If you're not registered you will be prompted to provide order processing information. Once the registration step is completed, you will select the course title for the exam you wish to take. Then click "Take Exam".

For each exam the text of all questions and answers choices are shown. Just click the answer (as shown at left) for each question. If you don't pass the exam the first time - don't worry! You get two tries at any exam. When you pass the exam, you'll be prompted to select the relevant accrediting organization for your CE credits and your preferred printout certificate format (HTML page or Acrobat format). You'll also be asked to complete a simple course evaluation, which accrediting organizations require.

3. Print Your Certificate

When you successfully complete an exam, you can print your CE credit certificate immediately. There are two versions available - printable web (HTML) page or Acrobat PDF. Both formats are equally valid, but the Acrobat version prints a bit more nicely. Your certificate can be reprinted at any time - we maintain the record of your exam, which you can access from your member account. Within your account you will find links to reprint each of your exams.

Your certificate will include the required text for the accrediting organization you choose on the previous step.