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FAQs: Course Exam

Do you show the question items that are wrong and the correct responses after taking an exam?

We do show the items that are wrong, but we don’t give the correct answers for items when an exam is failed. Because we offer a no charge second try at exams, the accrediting organizations want assurances that a person is studying the course material and not just taking it over and over until they pass the exam.

Knowing the item that are wrong should direct you to the area of material where the question was taken from. You are encouraged to double-check any item you get wrong. It’s good for learning, and sometimes we make a mistake in how the question is written.

What happens if I fail an exam? Is there another chance?

You have one free second attempt at any course exam that falls short of the 75% correct, which is needed to earn the credits.

Are the exam questions at the website the actual exam questions used in passing the exam for CE credit?


What is the passing score for exams?

The passing score for exams is 75% correct or more.

Can I view the exam for a course before taking a test?

Yes, the first thing you must do is login or create a members account. When you view a course page and scroll towards the bottom of the page you will see the exam questions for the course. You can print off these questions by clicking the print icon near the exam.

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