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FAQs: Accreditations, Licensing, and Acceptance of Courses

Are the courses accredited in my state for my professional discipline?

For most state mental health and substance abuse professionals, you can view the information we have available for your state licensing needs by clicking the “Info” tab and then the “Accreditations” sub-link. After reading accreditation information related to your discipline, then click Review your state/discipline requirements link for more specific information about your state and discipline requirements.

Which courses will meet my special state requirements (e.g., ethics, domestic abuse, etc.)?

Unless a course needs to be submitted to a state board for specific approval (e.g., FL medical errors course), your board is relying on you to select courses that fit with the regulation requirements. We can provide you with information about a course to help you determine it’s appropriateness for your requirements. We can let you know about our understanding of credit requirements, but we would not be the appropriate party to judge a course for your particular needs.

By checking out the chapter headings of the exams, the exam questions, along with the course synopsis you can get a fairly good idea of the course content.

When you complete the course you will have an opportunity to add an extra line of information to your certificate. This line can help clarify how the content relates to a specific requirement. For example, “This course addressed ways to identify and intervene in domestic abuse cases”.

Also, click the link following link on the “Accreditation” page for more detailed information. Review your state/discipline requirements…

Do you use Florida’s CE Broker?

After you complete an exam you are asked to click a link to upload the exam results to CE Broker. If you have a question about whether or not it was sent to CE Broker, you can always check it out by logging in to your Member Account and looking in your Exam History. Courses that have not been uploaded will have an icon after the course title indicating to you to click it so that the course can be uploaded.

In addition, it’s important that your Florida license information is entered correctly. Licenses generally begin with two letters followed by a number.

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