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Attention ASWB Social Workers

Due to recent changes in ASWB's policy regarding cosponsorship, Social Work Today CE's courses may not be accepted.

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FAQs: Questions About Courses

How much do the course materials cost?

Course material can vary widely. Almost all of our Internet based course articles are FREE, but the books and tapes would have to be purchased if they are not available to you. If you click on the link for any course “Get Course Material” it brings up the free articles and for books it usually takes you to where you can view the price.

How do I obtain and pay for course material?

Most online articles are free. We have a link “Get Course Material” at the top of each course description page that will give you access to our online articles and for books/tapes a distributor where you can purchase the material. Of course, you’re always free to obtain the books/tapes from any resource you wish, such as a local bookstore.

After reading the online article or book and answering the exam questions, return to the website and enter your exam answers for scoring. That’s when the course exam fee would be paid for those taking a course on a fee per course basis. Those with the Unlimited Package should login and enter their exam answers, bypassing any exam fee.

Can I use a newer edition to answer questions for a course based on an earlier edition?

If you have a new edition it would be best to check out how similar are the two editions. Look at the chapter headings, view exam questions, and synopsis. If you would be interested in working with us to update the course to the new addition, please contact us.

How long does it take to get course materials?

Online courses are generally immediately available by clicking the link “Get Course Material”. For courses that require book materials or tapes, the length of time to get the materials depends upon the course. In most cases, sends out books within one to two days.

All our courses are scored online after entering your exam answers. After successful completion your certificate is immediately ready for you to print out.

I am having trouble downloading the online article.

Occasionally you may find that a particular online article for a course doesn’t open properly in your web browser. This can be due to a variety of factors, but two solutions work for most people:

First, try downloading the file. To do this, right-click (cmd+click on Mac) the Get Course Material link and select Save Target As… (or the equivalent). Save the file to your desktop, and then open that. This solution seems to be most helpful for those using a slower internet connection accessing a larger article.

Secondly, you may benefit from updating your Adobe Reader program. It’s a free download. Go to and click the Download Reader link.

If you still cannot access the course material after trying both of these options, please contact us.

I have a suggestion for a course.

We are always looking for suggestions of books, tapes, and online materials that would make excellent CE courses. Please feel free to suggest by email any books you would like to recommend.

If you also have an interest in helping to develop a book into a CE course by writing questions on the materials, please contact us.

Do you have special accommodations for my disability (ADA)?

Please call us toll free at 877-248-6789 to share your disability concerns and explore with us options we have available to address specific disabilities.

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Attention ASWB Social Workers

Due to recent changes in ASWB's policy regarding cosponsorship, Social Work Today CE's courses may not be accepted.

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