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Attention ASWB Social Workers

Due to recent changes in ASWB's policy regarding cosponsorship, Social Work Today CE's courses may not be accepted.

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FAQs: Article Links, Logging in, Accessing Information

I don’t see my course information listed at Florida CE Broker

Please open your member account and click the Manage CE Broker page to see if your courses are listed as having been reported to CE Broker. If you do not see the Manage CE Broker link in your member account, you will need to enter your discipline in the Your Disciplines section of your account. Once you have entered a discipline managed by CE Broker, you will see the Manage CE Broker link in your account, and you can upload report your credits to CE Broker immediately (and retroactively).

While it is usually instant, occasionally there is a delay between when your course credit is reported and when it shows up in your CE Broker account. Allow up to 4 hours for CE Broker to process reported credits. If after that you still don’t see the course listed in your record, please contact us.

How can I make the words bigger or smaller when reading material at this site?

Articles that are presented as Adobe files (pdf) allow you to change the size of the fonts. In the tool bar is a magnifying glass. Drag it over the article and click to increase the size of the words.

Also, at the bottom of each of our webpages is a message, “Adjust Text Size.” Click on the “letter” size that is best for your viewing. Even easier is to hold down the Ctrl key and hit the + or – key to adjust text size, though this doesn’t work on some older computers.

I can’t read the article file (Adobe, pdf).

Some computers may have very slow downloading due to traffic on their lines or limited bandwidth (speed of lines, slow connection). This can sometimes cause downloading to timeout (stop). If you have a very slow connection you will have to wait perhaps 5 to 10 minutes for a large download. A faster way around the problem is to copy the Adobe file directly to your computer desktop. This avoids the slower Adobe downloading process. To bypass Adobe downloading, right click on the link to the article and select “Save Link As…” (Firefox and Google Chrome) or “Save Target As…” (Internet Explorer), then save the file to your desktop. Next open the file on your desktop by double-clicking it.

If that does not work, check to see if you can download other articles with pdf files at our website. If you can, then there may be a problem with that particular Adobe file at our site. Give us a call and we can check into any potential problem on our site. If you have problems with downloading other article Adobe files at our site, then it may be that you have a much earlier version of the Adobe Reader, such as Acrobat, or there is an error in your Adobe Reader file. Others have found reinstalling Adobe has eliminated problems. The link to downloading to the latest version of Adobe Reader is here

If the above solutions do not work there may be a problem with an over load on your computer memory. Consider turning off your computer and then on, and try to open the Adobe file again.

Finally, one more option to try is to access the Adobe file using another computer.

The link to the course material does not work, or is giving me an error.

To give authors proper credit for their work, we provide a secure link to the source of an author’s material. When the author moves or changes the website where the material is hosted you may get a page not found error. If this happens please email or call us at 1-877-248-6789 and we can provide the correct course material as soon as possible.

Why can’t I login? The form page won’t accept the information I enter?

Sometimes errors are made when entering the email or password on the login form. If you’re unsure of your login information, you can use the Retrieve Your Login Info link just below the login form. If you are unable to get this e-mail please call our support at 1-877-248-6789 to reset the password over the phone.

You may have problems due to having “cookies” disabled on your computer. Cookies act like temporary memory and are necessary for transferring information from one web page to another. Like nearly all member-oriented sites, our site uses temporary cookies to store identifying information for an ordering process. These cookies are only not readable by any website other than ours, and are automatically deleted by your computer after a short period of time.

All modern browsers support cookies. However, if you have disabled the use of cookies in your browser, you will not be able to use this site. In order to complete an order it’s important to allow your browser to accept temporary cookies from our domain.

For Microsoft Internet Explorer you can enable cookies by clicking on the gear option on the top right of the screen, then Internet Options, then Privacy, and choose medium or medium high for the slider. Then click sites and enter as an “Allowed or Trusted” site.

For Mozilla Firefox, you can enable cookies by clicking Tools, then Options, then the Privacy tab, and in the History section change it to remember history.

For Google Chrome, you can enable cookies by clicking the chrome menu on the top right of the browser toolbar. Select Settings, then click on Show advanced settings. In the Privacy section click on content settings, then in the Cookies section click on Manage exceptions and enter under hostname pattern and choose Allow.

Although uncommon, an older browser in combination with a particular computer operating system may create login problems. In recent years, those who have experienced trouble logging in have resolved the problem by using Firefox or Chrome to access the site, because they use their own cookie settings, separate from Internet Explorer. If you don’t have these browsers already available on your computer, you can easily download it FREE in a few minutes by visiting or Once you download and install the Firefox browser, open it and enter our website URL.

If you feel uncomfortable making security changes or installing a program, you might just ask a tech-savvy friend to help you. The changes we’ve described here can sound daunting, but for a more experienced computer user they’ll be quite easy.

If your computer is a business computer and you’re not allowed to make security level changes or install program, then the best option might be using another computer. Nearly all computers have cookies enabled.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss this concern further, please free to give us a call at 877-248-6789.

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Attention ASWB Social Workers

Due to recent changes in ASWB's policy regarding cosponsorship, Social Work Today CE's courses may not be accepted.

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