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Social Work Today September/October 2019

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About the Course:

"Social Work Today September/October 2019"

Juvenile Justice Journey — Social Work Role Returns in New Era of Reform
Shifting policies and priorities require social workers to reclaim their rightful place as advocates in a system first established to protect children from risks adults face in the criminal justice system.

The Grand Challenges for Social Work — An Update
A major professional initiative began nearly five years ago involving research, policy recommendations, advocacy, curriculum integration, and more. Read about its progress and future directions.

Medicine Joins Forces With Social Work — Blueprint for the Future
A new, first-of-its-kind social work department is integrated within the Dell Medical School at The University of Texas at Austin, establishing a hopeful path to the future.

Professional Development and Interprofessional Practice — Social Workers Share With (and Learn From) Colleagues in Other Disciplines
Growing emphasis on interprofessional practice invites increased educational collaborations and conversations.

Publication Date:

September/October 2019


Christina Reardon, MSW, LSW

Christina Reardon, MSW, LSW, is a freelance writer based in Harrisburg, PA, and an editorial advisor at Social Work Today.

Sue Coyle, MSW

Sue Coyle, MSW, is a freelance writer and social worker in the Philadelphia suburbs.

Lindsey Getz

Lindsey Getz is a Royersford, PA–based freelance writer.

Christiane Petrin Lambert, MA, MSW, LICSW

Christiane Petrin Lambert, MA, MSW, LICSW, works in community clinical practice; serves as a consultant for program planning, development, and evaluation; and is adjunct faculty at the Rhode Island College School of Social Work.

Course Objectives:

  1. Discuss evolution of the juvenile justice system from start to current day, and understand how and why social work’s role has changed.

  2. Explain the progress made by the Grand Challenges for Social Work initiative since its launch.

  3. Discuss the importance of the collaboration between medical and social work education.

  4. Describe how interprofessional practice and education enhance professional development.

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