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Social Work Today March/April 2019

About the Course:

"Social Work Today March/April 2019"

Evaluating Technology Use in Client Assessment — The BPD Technology Assessment Checklist
A new tool helps social workers understand client technology use as an essential part of what clinicians need to know.

Clergy Sexual Abuse — Innocence Lost, Faith Damaged, Trust Betrayed
Decades of hidden sexual abuse have ignited outrage at the clergy perpetrators, but will this last after the scandals fade, in a new era of awareness of the pain of survivors?

Social Work Field Education — Changing With the Times
Cultural and professional trends in a digital society are reflected in innovative field education programs and projects.

Understanding the Social Work Role in Integrated Care — Taking a Seat at the Table
As interprofessional collaboration grows, social workers must ensure they have a place at the table and are able to explain and advocate for their role.

Publication Date:

March/April 2019


Nathalie P. Jones, PhD, MSW

Nathalie P. Jones, PhD, MSW, is an assistant professor of social work at Tarleton State University.

Laurel Iverson Hitchcock, PhD, LICSW

Laurel Iverson Hitchcock, PhD, LICSW, is an associate professor of social work at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

Christina Reardon, MSW, LSW

Christina Reardon, MSW, LSW, is a freelance writer based in Harrisburg, PA, and an editorial advisor at Social Work Today.

Kimberly Gibson, MSW, LGSW

Kimberly Gibson, MSW, LGSW, is field coordinator in the department of social work at University of Alabama at Birmingham.

Mary Jacque Carroll, MSW, LICSW

Mary Jacque Carroll, MSW, LICSW, is director of field education and an assistant professor of field education in the department of social work at University of Alabama at Birmingham.

Sue Coyle, MSW

Sue Coyle, MSW, is a freelance writer and social worker in the Philadelphia suburbs.

Recommended For:

This course is recommended for social workers, psychologists, counselors, and healthcare professionals who seek knowledge about mental health care. It is appropriate for all levels of knowledge.

Course Objectives:

  1. Discuss the skills covered in the BPD Technology Assessment Checklist and how they help social workers assess client technology use.

  2. Describe the issues facing clergy sexual abuse survivors and the families and congregations that must deal with the allegations.

  3. Explain how virtual learning, social media, and interprofessional collaboration are influencing social work field education.

  4. Discuss the results of the study “Toward a Better Understanding of Social Workers on Integrated Care Teams.”

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